One Year Old, Week Three... A Big Reader

Eamon and Daddy at Eamon's birthday party

Thoughts for the week...
Each night before bed Eamon and I (or Eamon and Daddy, if he's home) read a few books before settling in to sleep.  We've done this since he was tiny, and he comes from a long line of bookworms, so it's logical that he is an avid reader already.

For a few months now, Eamon has been sitting in front of his book shelf and reading books to himself.  It's quite adorable.  For a few weeks now, he's been bringing books to us to read.  Also quite adorable.  For the past few days, he's been picking favorites and asking to have them read again and again.  Not quite so adorable.

Last night, we read "If You Give a Dog a Donut" six times in a row.  If you are unfamiliar with this series of books, it's a basic recipe of: If you give a creature a food item, he is going to ask for xyz, which will lead to this, then this, then he'll want this, which will remind him of this, and on and on until he cycles back around to the first item you gave him.  I like these books because they are entertaining and easy to follow for toddlers.  They have strong, well written sentences that neither drag on and on or fall off at the end.  (Many children's books have choppy sentences; drives me batty).  The illustrations are relatively easy to identify, and there is a cadence to the books that appeals to me.

But six times was a bit much.  I was so sick of that dog and his baseball throwing (and apple tree climbing and pirate pretending and water fighting and kite flying) by the end of the fourth read through, I just wanted to chuck the book out the window.  It is going back to the library today.  And we'll probably find a new book that will drive me to the edge of sanity.

I love that my child is a reader.  I love that he shows respect for books even at his young age.  I love that we can make family trips to the library, and that the librarians know him already.  And I love a lot of children's books.  I'm always looking for suggestions about books.  What's your favorite children's book?

Fun this week...

Eamon went bowling for the first time over the weekend.  He had fun, but it was exhausting trying to keep him from running up the lane.  He bowled a few frames with Chris - I was pretty impressed (not at their score, but at Chris' ability to hold Eamon and roll a bowling ball).

We had some snow this week, too!  The past few years we've gotten early and frequent snowstorms, but this year seems to have returned to "normal" southwest Virginia weather - it was nearly 60 degrees the other day. But we got a little snow, and even though you can't see it in the picture, Eamon went out and played.  But doesn't he look so cold?


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