Gratitude Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Thank you for making Eamon's birthday celebration so special.  Even though he won't remember it, we will, and we are truly blessed to have such dear friends and family.  Eamon is truly loved.  It will be a while before we see any pictures from his birthday night, but I wrote some things down in my Eamon notebook when we got home, and I want to share some of those thoughts here.  

"You are surrounded by a world of love.  So many people love you so much, it makes my soul smile...  Hard to believe how far we've come in just one year...  Right now, you are in the place between baby and boy, but your growing independence becomes more obvious everyday...  I know you won't remember your first birthday party, but hopefully you will look at pictures and smile at the fun we all had - it was an amazing and beautiful one, just like you."

Here's a picture of our boy with his birthday balloon--

Dear Swap Partner,

Thanks for a lovely package full of goodies for all of us.  Thanks especially for such a cool hat!  

Dear Mom,

Thanks for having the patience to preserve our holiday tradition.  I know it was difficult to justify baking cookies with only a few days at home, and little ones running around.  Spending time in the kitchen with you really helps it feel like Christmas to me, and I'm so happy we got to share that with Eamon this year.  I hope he'll grow up with cozy holiday memories of baking and candy making.

Dear Universe,

Thanks for a child who shows such joy at the simplest things.  This is an expression we see quite often, but can't capture "on film" much.  Eamon has just the sweetest happy face, and I'm so delighted when I see it.  We couldn't ask for a more amazing child, and we are so blessed to have him. 


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