Gratitude Tuesday. Today I'm thankful for one thing.

Recently one of my girlfriends returned to work after having her baby.  So many of the women in my life have made this journey - the return to full time employment after the birth of your child.

Today, and every day, I'm thankful for the ability to mostly stay home with Eamon.  I work a few hours a week, but my job is very flexible, and Eamon frequently goes to work with me.  Other than those few hours, we are together all the time.  I'm so fortunate.  It takes sacrifice from our family, but it works for us.  And I usually forget to say thank you.

Today's gratitude is all for the POSSLQ.  He has always supported me in all my endeavors.  He works back-breaking-ly hard so that I don't have to do the same.  He makes sacrifices every day so I can stay home and raise our child.  And on days when I do go to work, he stays home to play with Eamon, and never calls it "babysitting."

I'm not sure enough "thank you"s can be said.  The ability to stay home with a child has always been important to me.  I know many other women know the importance, but their financial situation prevents it.  I'm so lucky my man feels the importance, and helps our family make it work.


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