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Grade Two Curriculum Choices

Our family is still very new to this educating at home thing, and we are always learning. I am fortunate to be able to carve out a few hours here and there to just sit and read articles, blogs, reviews of study programs, and of course peek at Pinterest boards. I have really enjoyed designing our plan for next year, and I wanted to post about it here, because I've had several people ask me about what we are doing, what we are using, what is working for us.
The first thing I realized as I was planning for the coming school year (which will start May 2018 for us) is that we really needed a great routine. As much as I love the idea of being free and wild, unscheduled, unplanned days just don't work for us. I want to create a daily rhythm my family can depend on, because it seems to help us function so much better.  After exploring rhythm making, I highly recommend this as a first step for any family or individual trying to create a better daily flow. We have so much further to go…

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