One Trip Around The Sun

Today we celebrate one year of Etta, who tries and tests me every day, who forces me to grow in order to be the mama she needs. She came into this world on her terms, and she lives every day on her terms. She is bright beyond belief, and keeps us on our toes in every moment of her life. She's engaging and friendly, and she loves to study what makes people tick.

She's the perfect compliment to her brother, and she makes our family whole. She represents a turning point in our relationship. She is the living example of healing in so many ways. She is exactly what we can handle, exactly what we needed, and exactly perfect for us.

Many people will say, "I can't believe she's one! Where has the time gone?" But I'm not feeling that so much today. I know exactly where the time has gone. It has gone into these two souls with whom we've been entrusted. It's gone into the ordinary daily life, into the adventures, into the love and the stress and tantrums and the cuddle puddles. It's gone into the making of us.

Today will be a "regular" Wednesday, except it's a snow day and we are headed out on one of our favorite small adventures. We will have a little cake tonight after dinner, and we will reflect on our first hours with our sweet girl. But mostly, we will be us.

enjoying cake at home on her birthday

birthday party with friends and family


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