Sometimes it's hard to believe I've been a nursing mama for more than a year.  For thirteen months and three days, I have provided the nourishment Eamon needs to grow as big as he has.  I remember when he was born, and I felt so proud to have grown such a strong, healthy newborn.  I was grateful that my body knew how long he needed to "cook," and for the innate wisdom of both of us - our nursing relationship was easy from the start.

As he began to grow bigger, I swelled with pride yet again.  As he grew and grew, I was still his sole source of nutrition.  I'm often overwhelmed by the idea of it...  It's so incredible that my body can sustain itself and support another person.  At thirteen months old and twenty-six pounds, my beautiful, strong boy eats a variety of table food, but most of his calories come from me.  More importantly, he has a firm landing zone in my embrace and at my breast.  When life gets to be a little too much for my toddler, he climbs up in my lap and snuggles in for a few quiet moments.  We've created a relationship that has its ups and downs, but is more wonderful than I could ever imagine.

Now that Eamon's past one year, most people tend to assume he's weaned.  Those who don't assume ask when he will be.  I don't have an answer for that yet.  He'll wean when he's ready.  Sometime in the next few years, he'll stop needing my nutrition.  He'll find other ways to cope with the world around him.  And just like so many other things in his life, it will most likely happen too soon for me.


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