A New Year

New Year's Day has never been terribly special to me.  In years past, we've celebrated with friends, but never done The Fancy.  Last year, we were just settling into our new life as a family, and this year - and I expect for many years to come - we are just recovering from both the holidays and a very special birthday.

The purging and renewal that surround New Year's Day are symbolic and a little cliche.  As I've grown older, however, I've grown to really enjoy the symbolic and cliche, so here I am on New Year's Day purging and renewing myself.  Well, my internet self, anyway.

I've been slowly weaning myself from Facebook.  There's a few features I don't particularly like, and I really don't like how I can spend hours just looking at Facebook, without accomplishing anything.  I'm hoping that, by switching my focus away from Facebook, I can have a better blog presence, and dedicate more time to the social media sites I really like - Pinterest and Ravelry.

I'm laying out a blogging schedule for myself that will include at least three posts a week.  Gratitude Tuesdays will be my first weekly post, followed by "One Year Old, Week xx" on Wednesday.  In my non-internet life, I'm setting a goal to complete one craft or DIY a week, so my third weekly post will probably be in that vein.  My blogging plan is ambitious, I will admit.  I love to write, but I'm not very disciplined about it, so this is my way of remedying that.

Hopefully I can follow through with this aggressive plan, and 2012 will be well documented in our household. If not, well, let it be yet another New Year's Resolution not fulfilled.  Last year is riddled with them, after all.


  1. Love the idea of one craft project finished every week! One of my goals for this year is to write more as well. I'm currently reading Writing Motherhood, which I think you'd like too. :)


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