Turning It Around

Some days, just a few words or actions can turn my whole day around. I tend not to be a person who lets a few negative things turn me sour for the day. I've always tended toward happiness, and I usually find myself more happy than sad. Just like everyone else, though, I have my sour days.

Today was shaping up to be one of those. It's warm and humid, my least favorite weather. I had the worst grocery experience of my life this morning. Long lines, not finding everything on my list, and forgetting my credit cards were the fuel, E tossing all our items out of the cart and carefully dropping our checks one by one on the floor were the ignition. By the time I got us out the door and into the car, I was fuming.

As I walked in the door, arms full of grocery bags, I saw the dishes had been washed while I was away. I chattered on to POSSLQ about my terrible grocery trip while he started putting the food away. E wandered back in, and asked for some "O's" cereal. As I pulled the box from the cabinet and finished up my angry story, E interrupted to say, "Mama, thank you for buying O's at the grocery store." It was so sweet, and made me stop what I was doing to bend down, hug him, and smile. You're welcome, little wise one. How did you know I needed to hear that?

A few moments later, I opened my Facebook account to see an uplifting message. Just two sentences, but in less than two dozen words, my day was turned around. I didn't even realize those words had been missing from my story until they were written. It takes a great deal of character to overcome anger and hurt, to issue an apology, when you have been wronged as well. The situation is complex, and those few words won't heal me, but they certainly help. I hope they help heal the speaker as well. A month ago, when my world first started to crumble, I ran across a quote one day that spoke to my heart. "Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you." 


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