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I'm often surprised when I hear someone doesn't have vinegar in their house. I'm not really sure how a household survives without three ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda, and vinegar. We use copious amounts of all three around here. I could spend all day extolling the uses of white vinegar, but today I'll just talk about one: restoring cast iron.

I found a cast iron pan outside a friend's house recently that was left by the previous renters. It was in terrible shape - covered in rust and dirt. I did some trolling on Pinterest to see the best way to restore it, and was saddened by the frequency with which I was reading "oven cleaner." I won't even use that stuff on my oven, so I'm certainly not going to use it on a pan that will be in direct contact with my food. I finally ran across a blog which suggested soaking the pan in white vinegar. I put it in and let it sit, and suddenly it started fizzing. A few hours later, I could see sheets of black yuck lifting off. When I took the pan out of the vinegar, the rust came right off with a wire brush. The following pictures show my progress over the past week or two. Most of the information I gathered from a blog called
The pan after letting the first area soak. The top is how it looked after I
scrubbed the loose, flaky rust off.
Still needs a little work, but it's pretty amazing for a $3 gallon
 of white vinegar and very little elbow grease.

After all the scrubbing and soaking. 
I put some oil in it on the grill to help remove the last of the rust in the corners.

Sitting next to her new buddy, just after the first seasoning.

Happy re-birth day, cast iron!


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