Feeling So Loved

POSSLQ has been out of town for nearly two weeks. I miss him something terrible. Over the weekend, I slipped into a sad place, and started to feel really down.

We've started a new chapter in our life, and part of that change has been a complete turn around in the way we communicate. We've always been pretty good at reading each other's feelings, but expressing what is causing those feelings has always been hard. On Sunday, when I was feeling really low, I was able to articulate how I was feeling and why.

Shortly after that, I got the first of what is probably now close to 1,000 text messages. It was just a little uplifting message, but it started a cascade of conversation that has been almost constant since then. For nearly four days, I've been showered in 'round the clock sweet things, heartwarming notes, and, most importantly, BIG BIG LOVE.

It's amazing that someone can be so far away, but feel so close. I miss the little touches, glances, hugs, and kisses, but I can feel that love just oozing out of his beautiful words.


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