In just a few hours, I'll begin my first two week stint as sole parenting figure. Each year, POSSLQ heads north to work and play at a medieval event. For the past six years, this has meant saying goodbye on Saturday, missing him for a week, and eagerly awaiting his return the following Sunday. After E was born, I started providing myself with distraction - the first year, we traveled to Arizona while POSSLQ was in Pennsylvania, and last year, we headed up the road with him and took some time to visit my extended family.  This year, he has the opportunity to attend for two weeks, which I'm glad he's taking advantage of. However, the event sneaked up on us, so here I sit at home, trying to figure out how to entertain myself and my little one for half a month. Thankfully, my sister has moved home, and some of our best friends are here and will help keep me occupied. But my main source of occupation will be knocking out my extensive to-do list.

I've always found that making a list for everyone to see helps me actually accomplish the things on the list, so here goes:

1. Finish the duck enclosure. This is a three step process - finish their house, complete the fencing, and add a drain to the pool. I want to be able to drain the swimming water into the garden eventually, and adding a hose hookup seems pretty simple, I just need to get to the hardware store to do it.

2. Freeze excess veggies. I'm overrun with certain vegetables from our garden right now, and I really need to take the time to freeze them before they go bad. I really dislike wasted produce, especially when I grew it.

3. Finish the bathroom. I'm just going to hang my head in shame and say, it's been six months and there's still blue painter's tape in our bathroom. I need to knock it out, it would only take a few hours.

4. Work on lesson plans for Montessori. I recently started working with a few children E's age, and have been introducing a Montessori inspired school day. I need to work on some of my materials to build vocabulary and engage their minds.

5. Complete some sewing projects. I have a few projects that need to be started or finished, but sewing this time of year is difficult because my sewing closet exudes a heat that rivals the fiery gates of hell. Hopefully I can spend some early morning time working, and maybe some late nights when the heat finally relents.


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