Countdown to Alaska Project #1 - Fleecy Monster Hat & Mittens

Eamon has a giant parka that my parents got for a steal at an outdoor store, but here in Virginia, he rarely wears it, so he doesn't have any accessories to match.  First on my list for pre-Alaska crafting was to make him two hats to match - a fleece hat and a knit hat.  I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive for his knit hat, so I decided to finish up the sewn hat first, and I had SO MUCH leftover fabric that I decided mittens would be a good idea as well.

This is not a totally color true photo, but I was pretty excited
to get a neon green that matched his jacket perfectly!
I LOVE paper applique.  I wish I'd figured it out years ago. 

So, my kid's the cutest ever, right?
This is his "cheese" face.  

The start of the mittens.  They look huge, but I promise they will fit!
All finished!

And just a funny picture.
"Mama!  Helpa me!  I stuck!"


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