A Warm January Day

We are having terribly unusual weather this month, so now that Eamon is over the worst of his congestion and ear ache, we've been spending some time outside.  Yesterday we took his trike for a spin, and Eamon sported the helmet he got for Christmas.
I love how it looks like he's going 100mph.  He's actually sitting still.

We also got a chance to attend Dino Day at Virginia Museum of Natural History yesterday.  Unfortunately, we don't have a point and shoot camera anymore, so I don't get a chance to take many picture when we are out and about.  Before we got to the museum, we had a dinosaur themed morning at Honduras Coffee Shop.  We read a dinosaur book and had a dinosaur activity, which Eamon helped me prepare the night before.  A month ago, I couldn't get the kid to color at all.  Now he really seems to enjoy it.
E was helping get our Dino Day activity prepared


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