Alaska Practice

We got a little bit of snow last night, and Eamon was dying to go play this morning. In fact, when he asked if he could go play in the snow, I told him we needed to change out of our jammies first. I went upstairs to put clothes on, and when I came back down he was standing at the door completely nude, saying, "Let's go play in snow!" I probably over-dressed him a bit for Virginia snow, but I want him to get used to the "bundle up" aspect of Alaska snow, so layers and layers he donned.

Trying out some of his new Alaska gear - balaclava & mittens

He spent far too much time (in my opinion) eating snow

Snow covered tractor?  No problem, just sit right on top!
And just for good measure, a picture of him in the snow almost exactly a year ago.
Jan 15, 2012


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