Fleece Sleeves for My Oils

As my essential oil collection grows, I'm trying to figure out the most effective method for storage. I had a great little box, but now I have too many oils, and when they are loose in my bag, they fall over and get very disorganized. I thought about creating a folded zipper pouch with elastic bands for each oil, but when I began to design a pattern in my head, I was overwhelmed. Always on the quest to make rather than buy, I took to the internet for some inspiration.  This is what I found. It seems like a great little bag, and the price is not bad, but I'm not a huge fan of the embroidery on the handle. In fact, my exact words to DP were, "That's got to be the dorkiest thing I've ever seen!" The important thing, though, is the fleece sleeving inside the bag. I knew it would be perfect inside my current bag (and the new bag I have planned in my mind now), so I was off to the drawing/cutting board.

To start, I cut two strips of fleece 3" wide, and two 3" strips of this adorable fabric. I bought this fabric a long time ago, not really sure what I would do with it. Now, it seems to scream "essential oils!" Then I cut an equal length of medium weight interfacing at 2". I really wanted to cut it at 2 1/2" (so I could catch it on both long seams), but I didn't have enough to do that, so I'll have to make do at 2", since I don't want to wait until I make it to the fabric store to buy more.
I sewed the strips together, right sides facing, with the interfacing facing the wrong side of my cotton fabric. I caught the interfacing on one seam, and did a quick basting stitch on the other edge to keep it in place while I turned it. I sewed both long edges and one short side, then turned and pressed.

After pressing, I hand stitched the open end shut, then hand stitched the two ends together to make a big loop. I forgot to take a picture at this point, oops.

I fiddled around and figured out that a 4 inch opening would hold the bottles snug, so I sewed lines every two inches down the entire length of the folded loop. I ended up with nine "pockets" on one loop, and nine and a half (perfect for a 10 mL roller bottle!) on the other.


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