Cozy Cavy Cave

It's cold outside, and I feel a little sad that our sweet little guinea pig has to sleep all by himself, while our family all piles under a plush down duvet. It's time for a homemade cuddle sack, I think.

Step 1: Find entertainment for three year old.
Step 2: Find suitable fabrics. Fleece is wonderful because it stays dry and it's cuddly. Plus, Oscar McSqueakerson has already shown his preference for fleece.
Step 3: Gather materials. Fleece for inside, coordinating cotton for outside, a strip of plastic for the pop-up entrance (no worries, all will become clear soon).

Step 4:  Fold your materials, then cut to your desired size. I made mine about 8 by 11. I figure he'll need a new one when he's full grown but this will work for now.

Step 5: Sew down the long sides of your materials, using a  slightly wider seam allowance for your inner pouch. Turn the outer pouch right side out, then slip it inside the inner pouch, so they are right sides together. Trim the seam allowances on the inner pouch. 

Step 6: Sew the tops of the pouches together, leaving a hole for turning.

Step 7: Turn and press (be careful pressing fleece, of course). Then, cut a thin strip of plastic about 1/2 inch shorter than your pouch. My strip is 1/2" wide. This basically just keeps the end of the pouch open so your piggy can climb in more easily.

Step 8: Sew a casing for your plastic strip, slide the strip in using the turning hole, then secure the ends of the plastic with a line of stitching. Be sure to have a little tension on the plastic (IE: if your plastic strip is 10 inches long, sew your securing stitches 9.75" apart) so it arches up and holds your pouch open.

Step 9:Sew your turning hole closed.

Step 10: Fill the pouch with timothy hay and watch your cavy dive in! Oscar McSqueakerson is frequently found sleeping in his pouch.


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