Cables & Hoods Notes

For knitting this pattern as one piece, some changes are needed.

After finally committing to a cast on number, I finished the 2x2 rib and started the cable set up round.  I realized about halfway through the back set up that my cables didn't match up to the rib, and that it would drive me nuts.  I decided to adjust the set up row, but after I did that, I realized it would make more sense to adjust the rib, so I'm restarting.

If I had this to do over, I'd adjust the center back cable (cable C) so it's a mirror image on itself.

Two weeks in, I'm finally making decent progress.  The cables are relatively simple, and right now it's just the monotonous straight part of the sweater.  I'm nearly halfway to the armpit decreases, which I assume is where all the fun will start...


CO 146, do 2x2 rib (start with p since it's a WS) for 38 stitches, PM, restart 2x2 rib.  You'll have 4 purl stitches together here.  Continue rib for 70 st, PM.  Restart 2x2 rib again, having 4 purl stitches together again.

Knit as shown for 1.5 in, slipping first stitch on each row, then start cable set up round.

I decided to chart the cables as a continuous chart so I could follow it easily.  Again, there was some modifications, since I used a size 3 on the fronts and size 1 on the back.

Decreases for arm:

Work R front panel to 14 in, Row 1 of cable E


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