A New Chapter

Today I breathe a little easier. My road has been rocky the past few years, and nearly impossible to navigate early this summer. The past few months have been much easier, but I've redrawn my maps, and familiar places are brand new again, they look and feel different.

Today, though, a major road block has been overcome. There has been a constant threat that has prevented my full healing, but it seems that threat has lost its frightfulness, its power over me, and I no longer need to worry.

I took a deep breathe and looked around, and I liked what I saw. The road in front of me is full of light and hope and positive changes. My surroundings are comfortable and familiar again. I don't have the constant nagging feeling that the bottom is going to drop out at any moment, because no one has power over me except me.

This is likely to be my last post with the label "life lessons." It's been a summer full of change and learning, of discovery, heartache, love, hurt, and healing. Now, a new season begins in our life. That chapter is closing, and we begin writing our next adventure.

And now, as part of that new adventure, I'd like to introduce DP (Dear Partner), formerly known as POSSLQ. The internet is full of acronyms, and none are truly fitting, but Dear ______ is pretty standard in the blogging world, and the man I used to call POSSLQ is just that - dear to me, and my partner in all aspects.


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