It's Spring!

...and we are dying eggs to celebrate.

I got up early this morning to boil 15 lovely, snow white eggs we've been collecting from our White Crested Black Polish hen, Millie.  Each and every one boiled perfectly, not a crack among them.

Now I'm busy readying our dyes.  As I work, I have a sweet sleepy on my back, recovering from his morning playtime with daddy and recharging for this afternoon's fun.  I'm using dye recipes from Better Homes and Gardens, but there are tons out there - simply do a quick search on Pinterest!  Here's a quick pic of the beets and cabbage boiling - whew the SMELL.  (Please take a moment to admire my stainless cookware, a birthday present last year.)

I put the dyes into plastic cups, thinking this would be the safest and least messy way to do it.  As you can see in the video below, Eamon found a way to make it messy!

It's quite interesting how the eggs turned out, especially the grape juice ones.  The best I can figure, the acid in the juice must have reacted with the egg shell, because they have this sparkly, cracked quality now that they've dried.

We are going to hide and hunt on Saturday, so hopefully we'll get some good pictures!


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