Crafty Sunday

I've been working on several projects for a few weeks now.  It seems like my sewing pile gets larger and larger, instead of smaller and smaller.  I have many more UFOs (unfinished objects) in my sewing than my knitting, which is really saying something!

I've recently gotten the sewing studio/Eamon's room cleaned up enough that he can (mostly) safely play while I'm sewing, which has really helped me get a lot more accomplished.  Today, I managed to get the blanket for Eamon's Nap Mat finished, so now I just have to put the whole thing together!

I also got his Quilted Growth Chart sandwiched, and started the quilting.  I'm doing a line of quilting every inch, so it's really easy to keep myself motivated by gauging how far along I am - right now I'm 1/6 of the way done!

I'm headed to the fabric store tomorrow to pick up a few things while I have some killer coupons, and I'm hoping to get a tutorial or two posted later this week.


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