25 Things On Facebook

I found this on Facebook when I was revamping (translation: privatizing) my profile. I forgot it was there. I wrote it on January 30, 2009. I thought it would be nice to revisit these 25 points, three years later.

1. I don't understand why all these TV networks have made so much money ambushing innocent people and telling them they suck on national TV.

This still makes no sense to me. Reality TV is crazy. And I don't have TV anymore. Just Netflix.

2. I wish I lived off the grid. And someday I will. If that means I have to recycle my toilet water, I'm okay with it.

I'm not much closer to this, but the dream is still there. And who knows... It's 2012. We might all be living off the grid soon.

3. I don't really know what I want to do when I grow up. But that's alright.

Know what I want to be when I grow up? A mama. A few times over.

4. I don't want to get married. Except I want the tax break. And I think it's unfair that my car insurance would be cheaper if I was married. Does being married make you a better driver?

Hm. Still the same. Figured out the tax break thing... Have a baby.

5. I'm not buying that digital convertor box. I've lived with 4 channels for the past 4 years, and I think I'll be okay without any. But I will miss PBS.

I didn't. And I do miss PBS.

6. Netflix is one of the best things ever invented. I hardly ever watch mainstream movies, and the selection of social documentaries and television series is worth every penny I pay.

Netflix still rocks. Especially now that we have it through the Wii.

7. Even though I don't have kids, I'm quickly becoming a birth advocate. I think women should be informed about all their options before they get shot up with numbing agents and sliced open.

Now that I do have a kid, I believe this more than ever. Women, even educated women, are violated everyday. Boy do I know it.

8. My life is drastically different than what I imagined. And I'm very happy about that.

I can't imagine any other life. I love what I have.

9. I still live in my little, tiny, backward, close-minded hometown. But if all the open-minded cool people like me move away, it will never change. But I'd love to bomb Wal-Mart.

Yep, this is true. And I see more and more cool, open-minded people coming here every day.

10. I love to talk about myself, but I'm having trouble thinking of 25 things about me that people will find interesting.

Sometimes I think I'm really self centered to think that anyone wants to read so much crap about me. But I know everyone wants to read so much crap about my kid...

11. I own a business, but I'm not driven enough to make it a big deal. I spin yarn. And shear angora rabbits. And knit.

Yep, not very driven. But I do spin my own yarn. And knit. Still.

12. I don't trust chemicals, especially those in our food. I don't use artificial sweetners, and I limit my HFCS intake to one Coke every 2 weeks. I know everyone has to die from something, but I don't want to die from chemical-induced cancer. Of course, I worry about all the chemicals I consumed as a child.

Conventional food is so scary. We skipped the garden last year, but this year... It's going to be great.

13. I don't look fair-skinned, but I sunburn like a red head. Combine that with that fact that conventional sunscreen actually contains carcinogens, and you'll see I spend a lot of money on PABA-free, organic sunblock.

Yep. Our trip to Arizona this August consumed almost two bottles of sunscreen.

14. I'm shocked by how freely strangers will give you unsolicited advice. I was in Winston-Salem one day and a woman asked me why I didn't get married, then proceeded to tell me I would change my mind when I got older, and THEN asked me, "Well, isn't your biological clock ticking?"

After being pregnant, and having a baby, this is even more true. Strangers give TOO MUCH advice.  The really scary thing?  Sometimes I find myself becoming one of those strangers...

15. I love the mountains. I like the beach okay, but I like it best when it's cold outside. Two of my favorite vacations were trips to the beach in the autumn.

Ah, Charleston in autumn. It's so beautiful. My favorite. We've been the past three years in a row.

16. I own an iRobot Roomba, and I will tell anyone that it's the best thing ever. And now my little dog has learned how to turn it on.

My Roomba has been replaced by a rocking awesome Hoover Windtunnel. And when I got the Windtunnel, I was shocked by how much better it was. I think it's finally gotten all the dirt the Roomba missed.

17. Speaking of dogs, I have a few. Three, actually. And that's too many. I also have three rabbits, but they live out in the bunny barn.

I have no dogs. And no rabbits. But I do have seven chickens.

18. I think everyone has a little gay in them. And if they say they don't, they are just in denial. So there.

This is still pretty much true.

19. I am a pollovegetarian. I don't think that counts as a vegetarian, but the cookbooks think it does. I haven't eaten red meat in 2 years. And yes, pork is a red meat. Ham and bacon are red.

Yeah... Pregnancy ruined my red meat aversion. Actually, I think it was over before that. But I craved hamburger when I was pregnant.

20. I used to commute an hour to work every day. It sucked. But now I work 5 miles from home. I think I might start biking when the weather gets warm.

I don't bike to work. But I still work close. And I only drive four days a week.

21. I didn't shop at Wal-Mart for three years. Never. It can be done. Even in this small town.

This could still be done, but we can't go to the grocery store when Chris is working, because Eamon has a meltdown when we leave. So if Chris is at work, we go to Wal-Mart.

22. I don't go to church. I think we might be the only family in the county that doesn't go to church. But I have major issues with christianity.

Actually, there's lots of families in the county that don't go to church. And in our family, on Sunday mornings, we eat pancakes and spend time together.

23. I got called a femi-nazi once. Unfortunately, I let that influence my personality and life choices. Now I wish I had taken more women's studies classes in college.

Stupid guy. Calling me a femi-nazi. More importantly, stupid me for letting that affect me. But then, if I'd done things differently, where would I be now?

24. I get really annoyed when I read a survey on MySpace and all the numbers aren't there. I get even more annoyed when question 13 follows question 11, then followed up with the statement, "Did you notice there is no number 12?" Call me obsessive. I don't care, it's annoying.

I'm so glad MySpace is dead, and Facebook gives me the option to ignore these things. But grammar and spelling errors still drive me nuts. And I don't like inattention to details.

25. I just knitted myself some dishclothes. And they rock. In fact, I'm going to be making cloth napkins and dishtowels, and I'm going to stop buying paper all together. Now, would you like to know how I cut down on my toilet paper usage?? :)

We still buy toilet paper, but that's the only paper we use in our house. We have cleaning rags. We have linen napkins. We use handknit dishcloths. And cloth diapers and wipes. And Gladrags.


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