Dreads Update - About 20 Months Of Dready Goodness

My dreads are gettting old and mature, and I recently sat down to do some maintenance. As they get older, they get tidier, but my baby hairs are getting much longer, which means I've got a lot of new dreads and a lot of loose hair that needs to be taken care of. I started with about 45 or 50 dreads, and I'm up to around sixty now! It's hard to get an accurate count, since I have several around my face and in the back that are made from baby hair and are only a few inches long. As I was working on tidying them up today, I decided to take a few pictures, and then I realized I hadn't blogged about my dreads since the day I started them! 

You can't really grasp the size of this big guy,
but it's at least three times as thick as most of my other dreads.
There was a pretty natural split at the scalp,
which indicated to me that this one wanted to be two dreads
Over the course of the day, I ripped it all the way down to the big fat paddle at the end...
Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do, except slowly pull that end apart.
Finally got them separated, with just a tiny bit of cutting.
There's some truly crazy things going on in my hair...
This is after splitting the fatty, before my deep cleanse.

I vary my wash routine quite a bit - today was a scrub with a sratch-made soap
 and then an essential oil/kombucha vinegar rinse.
After the work. It's not a big difference, because they aren't
quite as wild as they once were, but they look tidier to me.


  1. How do you go about the Melaleuca to your hair when washing? I have the same oil and I'm looking for some new methods to promote healthier and tighter locs...

    1. I use melaleuca in my rinse - vinegar, water, and a few drops of each essential oil. The shampoo bar I use also has tea tree oil in it. Happy dreading!


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