Just Dreadful

About a week ago, I started this little one.  Sort of a "let's see how this goes" thing.  And a way of showing that dreads can co-exist peacefully with the rest of my clean, brushed hair (because so many people think dreads are dirty!)

A wonderful friend of mine did all my sectioning last night while our boys played, and we braided them up to be twisted and ripped at my leisure.  Here's a shot of all the braids, plus the one-week-old dread.

I got a few done last night before bed, and then wrapped my half dread/half braid head with a scarf to keep down the pillow friction.  This morning, the first thing Eamon said was "HAT!" and stole my scarf.

Nearly halfway done.  Twist and rip is MUCH easier and looks better than backcombing, but my fingers are getting a little sore.  And my arms are getting a little tired.


All finished!  I'm really happy with how they look, but I'm already not looking forward to the fuzzies.  It's a stage, though, and I guess I'll deal with it!

UPDATED: Just after the first wash (they are about 3 days old)


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