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The rate at which Eamon is growing and learning makes my head spin.  He is a problem-solver, a mischief-maker, an entertainer, whiz kid, snuggle bug, and all around great guy.  The other day I sat down to make a list of Eamon's funny words, inspired by my sister's blog about words.  As my list grew, I was shocked by how much Eamon can say, when only a few weeks ago his vocabulary was around five to ten words.  I made my list in Eamon's journal - a book where I've been writing letters to him since we first discovered he was on his way. I've decided to share it here, since his little words are so charming and sweet.

First we'll talk about words he says the "mostly regular" way.  Most people can understand these, including strangers.  (I think it's a neat evolutionary trick that toddlers are well understood by their primary caregivers, even when the words are complete nonsense to others).  Most of these he still uses with a sign, but not all.

down             cracker          mama
eat                 marker           dada
off                 baby               back
apple             slide               bottle
ball                cat
dog                bug

Next come the adorable Eamon-ese words that he uses with a sign

uppA = up                                   bapper = diaper
mo = more                                  outdoo = go outside
nun = nurse                                  reen = rain
boohkA = book                           hep = help
payha = play                                mehk = music
alda = all done                             brabee = rabbit
flafa = flower                               tenk = thank you

And other Eamon-ese that doesn't have a sign

wa-how = wow
uman = Eamon (He sticks his finger in his chest and says, Uman!  It's pretty much the best thing ever)
prepa = pretzel (with an Eamon-made sign)
oh-doo = open the door
weeng = swing
momay = money 
tar = guitar
vwat (or something like it) = lap

And just for fun, here's a fairly comprehensive list of his signs.  He knows so many that it's hard to keep track, especially since he learns a new sign every few days, and often makes up his own signs.

up, down, nurse, all done, bath, egg, cheese, cracker, "o"s (cereal), more, again, book, play, eat, water, phone, sleep, help, shoes, diaper, dog, cat, horse, milk, moose, seal, popcorn, ice cream, pap-pap, out, hear, owl, bird, flower, toothbrush, apple, ice, sticker, ball, balloon, camera, sheep, rabbit, where, snow, please, thank you, rain, cozy, music, pretty, fish, baby, I love you                   

That's more than 50 signs, and I'm certain I've forgotten a few.  Some of his signs are particularly funny - he uses the "grandma" and "grandpa" signs, but says "pap-pap" for both.  His "I love you" sign is just a finger right in front of his mouth.  He is saying a word with most of his signs now, and I hope to do a new video soon.

And in other Eamon-related news, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a dime.  In a diaper.  I'm sure you can figure out what that means.  Told you he was mischief.


  1. I save my change in a big jar now that my boys are past the oral fixation's somewhat nicer than the diaper suprise days....


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