Toddler Magic

On a daily basis, Eamon reminds me how truly AWEsome children are.  All slang aside, young children are totally awe inspiring.  Their senses are so awake and fresh.  Which, in turn, reminds me how deadened my senses are.

Eamon frequently sees and hears things long before I do.  He often tells me, with signs or words, about a dog or cat far in the distance, or a baby he spots across the room.  I used to doubt him, but I've learned that if he says it's there, it usually is.  I just need to look or listen harder.  It's amazing to me that he can pick a familiar sound out of a noisy mix.  Last night, as we spent our first night of 2012 in our tent, the night was alive with nature's music.  Suddenly, Eamon started saying "hoo, hoo,"  and sure enough, when I strained my ears, I could hear an owl.  He has now started to tell us whether he hears something or sees it, and it's incredibly adorable to see him sign, "hear dog," and then say, "phoof, woof."  

Today as we were playing outside, I noticed Eamon staring straight up in the sky.  When I looked up, he had spotted a few birds.  He finally looked at me, signed, "hear bird," and then pointed and said, "twee."  I'm not sure if he heard them or saw them first, but in any case, I never would have noticed them.  Watching him delight in his world is one of the greatest gifts I can imagine.


  1. Yes! Jonathan will often sign "train", and we'll say, "I don't think there is a train right now"...and then sure enough, a minute later a train will go by. Amazing.


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