MIAHM - Freezer Pizza

This Make It At Home Monday is a little delayed, I apologize. I know how anxiously all my readers await my super-dependable weekly blogs. (I'll stop the sarcasm and self indulgence now). I spent Monday evening visiting with a friend who I don't see nearly often enough, and gaining inspiration for my next 800 MIAHM (can you say essential oils?).

I just started making pre-made freezer pizzas. I've been freezing pizza dough for a while, and I've done pizza making kits for the freezer, but the freezer pizza is new, and I thought I'd share my process.

I can't remember now where my pizza dough recipe comes from, but I did not come up with the recipe myself. The first step to making freezer pizza is making dough, so go look up a recipe and give it a whirl. I like to try recipes fresh before I put them in the freezer, so make pizza for dinner tomorrow night!

Divide your dough into four equal portions, or whatever you need to make the size pizzas you want. Freezer pizza in our house is usually a one person meal, so I made personal size pizzas. Bake your dough until not-quite-done, then cool and freeze for a few hours. Once it's frozen, you can add the other toppings.

I add a little bit of olive oil to my crusts. I like to think it helps restore some of the moisture that gets lost in freezing and rebaking.

After olive oil comes the other toppings. I tend to stay simple, since I'm feeding a picky three year old, but you can go wild. Just choose toppings that will freeze well.

Once you've topped the pizzas, wrap them tightly in plastic wrap, then put them in freezer safe bags. This way, you can pull out one at a time, and you aren't wasting a lot of bags.

When you pull them out, bake as you would a frozen pizza. For me, that means preheating my pizza stone in the oven to 500F, and then sliding the pizza in until the cheese is melted and it looks done. 


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