A Third of My Life

A decade. Ten years. Nearly a third of my life.

That's how long I've spent making a life with POSSLQ. What started out as a casual friendship quickly developed into more, and somehow slipped into a shared vision of the future.

Time is a funny thing. I'm always amazed how a part of one's life can seem so long ago and so very recent at the same time. I can remember the early days of our relationship so vividly, but it also seems like I can barely remember the time before he was a part of my life.

In ten years, we've have quite a ride. All relationships are full of ups and downs, and ours is no different. We've weathered a storm recently, but seem to have come out the other side stronger and healthier, more committed to our future and each other.

October 2013
January 2004, four months into our adventure


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