Grand Romantic Gesture

As a child, I always remember being awed by the grand romantic gestures you see in movies. I remember being certain that everyone's story came with a turning point, a moment when one of the people sharing the story would make a sweeping declaration of love that altered the course of the story.

Growing up in an era of night time soaps and teeny bopper movies like "She's All That" and "10 Things I Hate About You," my teen years were just as filled with grand romantic gestures - boys singing in front of the whole school, girls rushing to the airport to declare their love.

I've been in and out of a few relationships, and I've been waiting for my grand romantic gesture for a while. I kept hoping it was right around the corner.

Recently, my grand romantic gesture came in the form of a subtle romantic gesture. It was something that caught my attention when it happened, but the true implications weren't immediately apparent. The CHOICE that was made didn't sink in right away. I've come to realize that the grand romantic gesture is not always that. It's not always grand. Sometimes it's subtle, and it's only in hindsight that you realize just how truly life altering and romantic it really was. I'm no longer waiting for my swept-off-my-feet, public declaration of love moment. It happened quietly and sweetly, and I feel swept off my feet each time I catch that guy's eye.


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