A New Normal

This summer has been full of change. Change for nearly everyone in my life. We have friends who have lost their jobs. Friends who have moved home. Friends who have changed careers and moved home. Friends who are moving away, getting married, having babies.

In June, our life changed dramatically as well. Our reality was turned on its head. Truth became fiction, dreams were forgotten, heartache ensued, hard work began. Summer is always a busy time for us, but this summer has been so full we've barely had time to breathe. Just as we came up for air after the crash, the next event loomed on the horizon. As that passed us by, another popped up. We planned and attended, and then POSSLQ headed out of town for two weeks. He arrived back just in time to start a new career. Within a week, it was time to throw ourselves head first into a project of love, an annual event that demands all our time and attention. As soon as we finished that, it was time to start the next planning project. Then, E and I went on holiday for a week.

Now, as summer slips quickly into autumn, I look at the calendar and realize we have a few more events moving in on us. It seems we have kept ourselves busy and distracted this summer, and we've done our rebuilding quietly, fitting it in to our busy lives.

For many years, we lived an alternate existence - a disengaged shell of a life. We talked, but not about real things. We shared a life, but only because we shared a home and a child. When the bottom fell out, we were forced to change that way of life. We chose to find a new normal, but we've been too busy to find it so far. I wonder what will happen when life settles down and we try to find our new normal.

Many things are drastically different, but many things are the same. We live in the same town, see the same people. We both have new jobs, but our old haunts are still our favorite haunts. Sometimes the past, the pain, shows itself unexpectedly. Sometimes it catches me off guard. And sometimes, it knocks the wind out of me.

I look forward to meeting our new normal. Our new life, our new love, our new happiness, will undoubtedly have its busy times and its rough patches, but it will be ours. It will be the normal we purposefully set out to create, and it will be wonderful.


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