Crazy Crazy Crazy

Sometimes, a realization comes crashing in on me. It's fast and obvious, and all the evidence supports it.

Sometimes, a truth is slow to reveal itself to me. I suspect it, but can't be certain. Then, over time, the evidence just keeps piling up, and there's no way around it.

Every now and then in life you come across a person who is truly crazy. A person whose definitions are so warped and whose experiences are so colored by their desires that the truth is barely there, barely visible under all the delusion.

It's not lies. No, no. That's a talent of a different sort. This is the ability to paint a picture that looks very true to the painter. But those observing, those who have enough of the facts to make an assessment, can hardly see the facts under the paint.

It's an emotional defense mechanism. When you've been severely emotionally wounded, it only makes sense that your psyche would rearrange the facts to aid your healing.

And that's the thing about truth. As I've said before, it's not set in stone. Each person's truth is a little different (and sometimes drastically different). And in the end, does it really matter, as long as you learn and grow from your truth?


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