Alaska, Day 3

Today we headed down to Seward, about a 2 1/2 hour drive.  On the way we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and met some native Alaskan animals.

The brown bear exhibit was pretty cool - the bears were wrestling and playing, 
and we saw one digging up roots.

This young moose was completely in love with Eamon.  
Every time Eamon walked up and down the fence, the moose followed him.

You really aren't supposed to touch the animals, but the damn thing stuck his nose 
right out at Eamon.  It was really cute.

Our family portrait, complete with pet moose.

Eamon is signing "deer."

 Eamon met a lynx too.  He called it a cat (correct), and told me it says "maow." (incorrect).  
I know that a lynx doesn't say "maow" because about thirty seconds after Eamon walked away, 
the thing started hissing at me. 


Eamon wore his adorable PFD when we walked on the docks.  Why? 

 He didn't mind the vest at first, but then decided it was cramping his style, I guess.
At one point, he sat down and said, "Stuck, mama, stuck."

So I took the vest off and threw him on my back.  

 Here he is having a discussion with Daddy over ice cream.


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