Pampers Believes... And Scores a Few Tiny Points

Originally posted here:

The Superbabies are cloth diaper butts.  The Supermoms feel strongly about cloth diapers.  Very strongly.  So it seems surprising to post a commercial for Pampers here.  But this commercial is surprising.  Good job, Pampers, for being so inclusive.  You're still yucky in the landfills, and we still think disposables stink when they are soiled, and cloth is justsomuchcuter, but good job on marketing.  Plus all those babies are adorable.  Thanks for making me smile.

 Post Script: 
Rebecca: Typically the supermoms don't comment publicly on each others' posts, we simply nod in agreement. However, if there is something we feel more strongly about than cloth diapering it's breastfeeding. So tell me Pampers why you had clips of 2 babies being fed by bottle and 0 babies being breastfed. That's all I ask.

Kristin: Oh, good notice. I did not notice. I was so bowled over by the homebirth scene that I overlooked all else... Shame, Pampers. More boob, less bottle, please.


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