Dear babycenter, Three months, week 2

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Dear BabyCenter,

I'm glad you put a tiny blurb on the sidebar of this week's e-mail.  It said, "It's A Fact...  If you're feeding your baby formula, you can expect to pay between $1,300 and $4,000 for a year's supply."
Good to know, but maybe you could have made the blurb more than 2 inches wide, with a font larger than 8pt.  Or maybe your advertisers want it to be small, just like the fine print at the bottom of formula advertisements?  Perhaps you could make a huge highlighted header that reads, "If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can expect to save several thousand dollars in your first year!!!"

Also, thanks for the tips on "how to make peace" with my "post-baby body."  First of all, my body is not "post-baby."  It is "peri-baby" (peri meaning 'around' or 'about.')  My body is about my baby, not after him, thankyouverymuch.  Secondly, maybe among your weight loss tips for post-baby bodies, you could have included some praise for GROWING A HUMAN.  Maybe focus on the amazing journey my body has taken in the last year.  How I shouldn't expect my body to be the same since sheltering and nurturing an eight pound baby.  So there's some suggestions.  But in any case, my "pre-baby" blue jeans fit just fine, thanks.  Here's a weight loss tip from the supermoms – breastfeed.  We promise your jeans will fit faster than you imagined possible.


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