An Ode to A Midwife

Every now and then, I get reminded that we are making the absolute right choice in our journey to bring this little spirit into the world. I mean, my heart knows it every day, but every now and again, something happens that really reminds me.

I haven't taken time yet to gush over our midwife, so I'll do it now... We met with Sam when this little babe was only a tiny thing, having grown for not quite three months. Our meeting was at her house, and the atmosphere was gentle and comfortable. It felt like a home we'd been in before. Sam's very presence puts me at peace. She makes me confident in myself, and our relationship, and our choices during this pregnancy, and the first meeting was just the same. We talked for more than an hour, but my heart knew in the first few minutes that this was the person to have with us on this journey.

Each appointment since has been amazing. Sam has a calming countenance, and a friendly, positive energy about her all the time. She is infinitely patient, extremely knowledgeable, and exceeding fair in every discussion. Her hands are loving and soft, gentle on my belly, quiet and peaceful to our baby. She whispers to the baby when she's feeling my uterus, and shares all her thoughts with us through her exams. Her confidence reassures me, and I feel safe in her care.

This past week, we had our 29 week midwife appointment. When we arrived at her house, Sam suggested we take our meeting outside, to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. As she spread a blanket and made a comfortable area for us to sit and talk, I started to think about how very lucky we are to share this wonderful experience, the growing and birth of our child, with such an amazing spirit.

POSSLQ said at the very beginning that he felt a midwife was more than a caretaker, she would become a part of our journey, our family. He was right, and Sam has done just that. I feel exceedingly blessed each and every day to have a care giver, a partner, during my pregnancy with whom I feel so safe, and so loved. Sam greets us each with a hug, and embraces us again at the end of our meeting. I can imagine no better hands to usher this new life into the world. I can imagine no better energy to greet our child upon his or her arrival, and I can imagine no better person to make us feel safe and comfortable, and so very happy, with the choices we are making.


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