Two Years

The Earth has gone around the sun twice now since the day I thought my world was caving in. Two years since the heartache, the headache, started. And two years of recovery now. It's been two years since DH and I made the commitment to recover, to rebuild.

In that time, our lives have changed tremendously. We've both been through career changes, and we are both changing gears again now. We've been blessed with a beautiful, bright, engaging daughter. We've watched our son mature before our eyes. We've married, we've traveled, we've birthed. We've laughed and cried, we've argued and made up. Most of all, we've loved. We've learned how to love ourselves and each other better. We've recovered, and we are healing. Our days aren't free from the aftershocks of that earth shaking time, but we are mostly stable, and we can lean on each other when our footing is not sure. 

I look back on the words I wrote a year ago, two years ago, and I'm so grateful we made the choices we made. Our journey has been far from perfect, but it's perfectly ours. 


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