We Don't Need Much

This post has been a bit of a challenge to write. I have strong feelings about this topic, and it's been hard to come past that and recognize the generosity of spirit that should be my focus. I've finally trimmed and honed and written as tastefully as I can, so here it is. 

For several months now, people have been asking what we need for this baby. I answer truthfully, "We don't need much at all." When we had E, we planned well for subsequent children. I kept most of his clothes, and we used cloth diapers and breastfed. We bought car seats that would hold up well in gender neutral patterns. And we were truly blessed with a showering of handmade, beautiful and meaningful gifts from our friends and family. So when people ask what we need, the truth is the baby needs very little. 

Our family, however, does have some needs. As we plan and prepare for our healing, magical, and transformative birth experience, I discover we have a few things in our list. 

First, we need everyone's positive energy. In the form of prayers, intentions, messages to the universe, your positive energy as we enter this new season of our life is so appreciated. I've been so pleasantly surprised by the support we've gotten in our plans to home birth - quite different from our experience just four years ago. We were blessed with an abundance of support from our family and friends, but the general public was less open minded. This time, strangers are open and accepting, asking thought provoking and sensitive questions, without the same veil of fear, without making me feel like we are crazy. 

Second, we need to tell everyone thank you for the showering of gifts and support with our first child, and to express that we understand that gifting to a new baby is a tradition, and is heartwarming to the gift giver. Having a baby is a low "things" event in our life, but like everything in life, it does have costs. To that end, we've created a small registry to help our family diffuse the costs associated with creating our perfect birth experience. 

Other offerings we would be delighted to receive: 

Honey sticks (a favorite snack for mama and big brother)
Local honey, fruit, bulk ingredients for making labor snacks
Freezer meals, meats, snacks, etc
Entertainment for big brother In the weeks after the birth, E will certainly suffer from cabin fever, and he would love to take a trip to the local park with some of his favorite grown ups (and kids)! He also enjoys creating with scissors, glue, and paper, so he'd love for you to sit down and create something with him! He also loves to snuggle down and read a book. 
Your thoughtful gift - I'm sure there are people out there who will think of things we may need that I never dreamed of, and we appreciate every gesture from every one of you. 


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