Work on Wednesday - Wikki Stix

Today at the yurt we made our own Wikki Stix. These seem to be a staple in homeschool environments, and after one day using them, it's easy to see why. You can use Wikki Stix to shape letters, trace patterns, make a maze, and countless other things. Go take a look at Pinterest. You'll be completely overwhelmed and totally inspired.

I decided we should make our own because it's way less costly than buying them, and I knew the boys could help with the creating. The recipe is all over the blogosphere, so I won't go into details here, other than to tell you it's super simple. And it's a great way to use up all your extra scraps of yarn.

While I heated the wax, I set the boys to cutting the yarn. What happens when you ask four year olds to cut yarn? You end up with Stix of every length, which is just fine. Once the wax was warm, the boys dropped the lengths in and I dipped them out with tweezers. I wanted to let them do the dipping out, but after I did it once, I realized it was going to be too challenging (and too messy) for them to do.
I created a "measure guide" for each of them to cut with, but only one actually used it...
The other two cut a million different lengths of yarn. It's cool, the important thing is this: they are getting cutting practice.

We waited patiently for the wax to harden, and then the fun began!

I love seeing what these kids come up with when left to their own devices.
Let's think about the dexterity it took to create this snail shell with no help from me! 

The twins are using clothes pins to make creatures.

Once they discovered the sticks stuck to the glass, they spent over an hour creating "wikki stick trails."

E hatched this idea - he brought me the two sticks to make an umbilical cord, then asked
for a baby, and he made the placenta himself.


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