The Season of Plenty

Autumn is always my favorite time of year. I welcome the relief from summer's swelter (though this summer has been better than most), and I love the crisp air and feeling of completion that comes along with autumn.

Last year at this time, we were just starting to find a new sense of normal in our lives. Emotional wounds were still fresh, and even the day to day was sometimes challenging. DH and I were just beginning the hard work of rebuilding our life together, and E was going through major transitions as he began to navigate out of toddlerhood and into whatever lay beyond.

This autumn, though young, has been full already. My hormone driven clean sweeping and constant purging leaves me with a perpetual feeling of accomplishment, and my ripening body delights everyone in our family. Tough and taxing days for DH and me are fewer now than they were in the summer, when we were a flurry of activity, barely having time to touch base with each other. The slower, cooler days of autumn mean we spend more hours cuddled together and connecting with each other.

As autumn settles in, E has turned over a new leaf and become a phenomenal helper around the house. His self care skills are improving daily, and his desire to contribute to the community good is heartwarming. His personality is blossoming, and he is a perfect mixture of silly, bright, and compassionate.

Our September so far has been filled with those typical autumn past times - the county fair, garden cleanup, and lazy evenings spent out in the yard. The fair was a special treat because E and I missed it last year. This year, we made up for it with a ride on both the carousel and the ferris wheel (for E and Daddy, not this mama!), a visit to the animals, and a funnel cake to share.

Our October is full of big plans - Meadows of Dan Pancake Days, a trip to the corn maze, pumpkin picking and carving, and of course, trick-or-treating. I suspect October will fly by, slide right into November, and before we know it, 2015 will arrive, with all the wonderful things it promises!

Ferris Wheel fun! 

A few projects in the past couple weeks - my hormones
are driving A LOT of renovation!


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