Some Recent Montessori Work

As the boys and I move further into our Montessori journey, I find I'm spending more and more time reading Montessori blogs, and my pin board is growing really fast. I try to introduce two to three new materials a week, depending on what the boys are showing interest in. Here's a few materials I've introduced recently.

The sand tray with pre-writing symbols. This work is wonderful because it will be useful for a long time - as the boys master the current cards, I will add more complex symbols and then move into numbers and letters. This tray is actually filled with baking soda because it is a finer texture and provides a new tactile experience, and because sand=play to these boys.

Various closures on a turkey. I saw this on Pinterest, but each feather was attached with a button, and I wanted to add some variety. We have dressing frames, so this is just another way to practice. In addition to attaching the feathers, we talk about the names of each type of attachment and where it might be found.
Another fine motor activity. The tiny loops on these ornaments are fussy even for me, so they provide a big challenge for the boys. This work also incorporates balance - if you put all the balls on one side of the tree, it falls over.


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