Movie Night... Or not.

About once a week, I try to have a real movie night with Eamon.  Usually we pile up some blankets on the living room floor, eat some snacks, and snuggle in together.  Tonight, however, I decided to pull out the sleeper sofa while Eamon was in the shower.  I covered the mattress with a blanket and brought our pillows from the bedroom.  I readied our movie (March of the Penguins, in case you were wondering) and got him out of the shower and into his jammies.  When Eamon came into the living room, he exclaimed, "BED!  Wa-how."  Then he clambered up to test it out.  I went in the kitchen to slice some fresh baked bread, and when I came back, I saw my little boy all snuggled in like he was ready for sleep - under the covers, laid back on the pillow, with a broad grin on his face.

For a few minutes, he cuddled with me and watched the movie.  About ten minutes in, he climbed under the sofa bed, calling it a "tunnel."  Now he has all his trains with him, and has created a network of imaginary tunnels.  Every so often he explains part of the movie to Thomas, and occasionally he sneaks back up for a quick hug.  Mostly, though, he's playing trains.  Just like the rest of his day.  Always the trains.


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