Money Crackers

Right now Eamon is in the midst of a language explosion.  His vocabulary is expansive, and growing every day.  About a week ago, he suddenly started putting two word phrases together, and yesterday I heard our first three word sentence - "Mama, nurse, please."  His two word phrases are hilarious, because he puts this giant pause between the two words.  He says things like, "chocolate. milk."  "Crazy. chickens."  "Ice. water."

One of the most interesting things about language development at this age is the ability to retain information.  Eamon's mind is like a steel trap - he'll hear a word or phrase just once, and it's cemented in his brain.  It's truly amazing to witness, and can be both a good and bad thing.  It was very funny when it only took a minute to teach him to call a friend of ours "Uncle Drunk Monkey."  (That may come back to bite us in the butt.)  Sometimes, however, it means that if Eamon hears you incorrectly, he will immediately memorize the incorrect words, and they stick.  This evening, I offered him some "bunny crackers."  He repeated back to me, "money crackers," and no matter how many times I said it correctly, he continued to call them "money crackers."  Actually, it sounds more like "mumay crackoos."  

 I have a feeling they will be "money crackers" for a long time.  And then, one day, they will quietly turn into "bunny crackers."  Just like "boohkA" became "book, read," and "bapper" suddenly morphed into "diaper," one day we will notice that "money crackers" are no longer requested in our house.  It's sad, really, to think about how fleeting the most adorable moments of my day are.  I've noticed that Eamon says "uppa, mama" only about half the time now.  The rest, it's a simple, "up.  please."  Someday soon, "uppa" will be gone forever too, but hopefully he'll have something equally as charming to replace it.


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