A Conversation About Oversupply

An exchange between sisters, which can be found in its original here.


The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a booklet called "Too Much" that talks about oversupply issues.  Imagine if we in America starting giving women the idea that they could possibly produce too much milk, instead of constantly telling them they won't produce enough??


Well… I know that problem first hand. I had classic over-supply and overactive MER. What really boggles my mind is that you always hear about women who 'couldn't do it' or couldn't make enough milk, etc... but women don't shout out, "Breastfeeding was easy for me!" because they don't want to make the women who couldn't cut it feel bad – so a lot of people are only hearing the negatives.


I completely understand what you are saying about women saying breastfeeding is easy – I feel bad when people ask "how it's going," and I can only say, "It's the easiest and most natural thing I've ever done." And when my friends ask about your breastfeeding, and I tell them you are still going strong, they are just like, "Wow. She can produce enough to satisfy your nephew? " And now, people are starting to tell me that I won't be able to keep up with E's appetite because he's so big. I've always been frustrated by how we (American society) constantly tell women their bodies aren't good enough, but now I get super angry by it. Don't tell me I won't be able to feed my child. Of course I will.. He's my guy and my body knows him and his appetite and we are perfect together.


I have always been upset by women who aren't tall enough, skinny enough, etc. etc. and now this also.

But, yes, I can produce not just enough milk to satisfy my 24 lb chubber, I have enough left over for the freezer. Did I tell you about the woman who said, "Are you still nursing him? He's so big, he's going to just wear you away." No, actually, I do just fine, thank you! Yes, I eat everything in sight and yes, I'm about the size that I was in high school but I'm not unhealthy and my body has responded perfectly to him (and clearly he is thriving). It's like telling a pregnant woman to 'be careful, you may not be able to grow that baby' – seriously? We are well-designed.

Don't feel bad about telling people things are going well for you – or for me. I would love for people to know that I'm still breastfeeding at 9 months and have no plans of stopping.


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