A Portrait of Love and Joy.

My heart explodes with love and joy each time I look into this little face. Or smell the milk-sweet breathe of my little baby. Or have the privilege of being on the receiving end of his nose-wrinkling, dimple-inducing smile.

Each day is filled with endless feedings - moments when my son and I get to sit down and connect to each other, tune out the world, simply be. Occasionally, POSSLQ looks on and snuggles up with us. It's fifteen minutes every few hours - or every hour - or every 45 minutes - that I have a reason to do nothing other than nurture and grow my child.

Each day is filled with diaper changes - a constant reminder of the favor we are doing our child by covering his bottom in cloth. His skin is healthier, and his world is healthier.

Each day is filled with short naps - times when my little baby demands I hold him, lay him across my bare chest, and simply rest with him. His sleepy coos and nestling squirminess reassure me that I'm helping him on his path to becoming a confident, independent child. I'm giving him a launching pad into the world, and a safe place to return when the world is too overwhelming.

Each day is filled with a million things I didn't accomplish - but they all fade into the background and are forgotten when I hear the happy sigh of my newest love, belly full and spirit joyful, as he drifts off to sleep each night.


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