So Much, Sew Much, Sow Much... To Do!

I'm not sure how this happens, and it seems counter-intuitive to me, but the more work I do in our yard and garden, the more work there is to be done... The first summer we lived here, all we did was mow the yard. Now, only a few years later, it seems every time I turn around, there's more added to my "to-do list," and fewer hours "to-do" it.

Thanks to a lovely gift from a dear friend, we were heaped up with flower bulbs - I spent days and days planting bulbs before the weather got too warm. Hopefully I'll see some shoots this year, even if the blooms don't happen until next spring. What a wonderful explosion of color that will be - we have tulips, daffodils, glads, crocuses, and several other flowers, all in a huge variety of colors, planted all over our property.

Thanks to a lovely gift from the Arbor Day Foundation, I also found myself the owner to ten baby trees this spring. By baby trees, I mean, little twigs with some hairy roots on them. They came in my mailbox, and I guess we'll see how they do! I don't know anything about them yet, except that I have two purple, one blue, two white... You get the idea.
Garden season is upon me, and I'm trying to get an earlier start than I did last year. I've planted a bunch of seeds over the past two weeks, and right now I have broccoli, tomato, and eggplant seedlings growing big and strong in my studio/grow room.

The garden, of course, has to be expanded this year. In addition to all the veggies I grew last year, I'm adding some melons, eggplant, and who knows what else. I've decided everything needs a little more elbow room. And to continue with the garden improvements, I'm removing all the red rock I put in as paths last year. This red rock (sort of like lava rock, but not as fancy) has been the bane of my existence since we moved into this lovely little house. I detest it, but also didn't want to throw it away, so I've been moving it around and around, trying to find a use for it. Now, I've found a great place to move it - MIL's house! Along with buckets and buckets of red rock, she's also taken several other things off my hands - a few red hot poker plants (which I also detest), and a fair amount of the flower bulbs I couldn't find any room for!

In addition to all the outdoor work I've been doing recently, I decided yesterday that we desperately need house plants, so I went out today to the Big Greenhouse at the local nursing home and picked up some great plants - a devil's backbone, a foxtail fern, and a dragon tree. If I can succeed in keeping them alive, they will be a great addition to the house.

I've been at the knitting needles quite a bit lately as well. I finished a great pair of sock/stockings for St. Patrick's Day, though I don't have a great picture of them yet.

Also, I made a second (so much more successful) attempt at Skew Socks. I spun the yarn for this project - my very first handspun socks. I know they don't match -at all- but I don't really care. Fraternal twins deserve just as much love.

I've been at the sewing machine at least a few times a week lately, though I'm sad to report I have no new pictures to post quite yet. I'm working on a few new projects - some gifts for friends, and a really big project I'm quite excited about. But more on that later. For now, it's back outside I go - there's far too many chores to be done to sit at the computer one second longer!


  1. I love your socks! I want to knit socks so bad but I just can't figure out how......I need to take a class! Good luck with your little trees!


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